General Service Areas:

 Columbus and Midland, Georgia

 Phenix City, Fort Mitchell and Seale, Alabama 

Haute Dawgs Mobile Grooming and Spa is a full service mobile grooming salon that gives your dog a one-on-one relaxing environment right from your driveway. We use top quality products and equipment to make sure your pup comes out looking and feeling great. Most single-dog appointments are complete within 1-1.5 hours. Book with us for a luxury grooming service that comes to YOU! 

We are cage/kennel free.

Mobile grooming is perfect for:

-Those in the Military. We know your life is crazy busy. Sometimes your schedule is unpredictable, and sometimes you work sun up to sun down. We can get your dog groomed, pampered and ready for snuggles by the time you get home!

-Dogs that get separation anxiety. No more driving to your groomer with a wildly anxious pet. We are able to groom your dog while you are home or away, right from your driveway!

-Dogs that are reactive with other dogs. Your dog will be the ONLY dog in the van, so you won't have to worry about them coming into contact with any other dogs!

-Those who don't like leaving their dog at the groomer allllllll day. High volume salons take a lot of clients, and sometimes your dog has to stay at the salon all day. Mobile grooming ensures that your dog will be done right away and that they will be the only dog serviced during their appointment time.

-Those who have a hectic schedule & find it easier to have their groomer come to THEM. Whether you're home or away, we can provide your dog with a luxury grooming experience. No more rushing to make appointment times, trying to squeeze grooming appointments into your schedule, stressing out because you don't think you'll be able to leave work early, stuffing all of the kids in the car to drop off and pick up your dog, waking up extra early to meet the drop off time of the salon...we come right to your driveway!

-Those who prefer their dog to be groomed by the same groomer every time. Your dog will have the SAME groomer  EVERY time, which will help to build a healthy relationship with the grooming process based off of their relaxing grooming experience with us. 

-Those who want a true spa-like experience for their dog. Not only do we use top quality shampoos, conditioners and sprays...we provide a relaxing experience by diffusing essential oils at every appointment and providing a quiet one-on-one environment.

-Those who are tired of bathing their dog in their tub! Simply put, give your back a break and let us do the work. 

-Those worried about cleanliness in high volume salons. Our equipment is sanitized between EACH DOG, EVERY TIME. No exceptions. We are very serious about cleanliness and a tidy work environment.